Fast-growing budget airline adds major new routes

Technically, summer isn’t over yet, although most schools have already reopened. But just because travel season is over doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip to Las Vegas anymore. Visiting Sin City is your right as an American.

After all, Vegas has this swanky Life Is Beautiful festival from September 16-18, headlined by the Arctic Monkeys, one of the band’s first US dates since 2019, and the show might be your last chance to catch Lorde for a moment.

Plus, Katy Perry may be finishing her residency soon, and do you really want to live your whole life without seeing her sexy mushroom men supporting dancers in person? Not to mention that after a while, Adele is finally launching her residency, just in case you need a good shout out.

Plus, there are all the casinos to visit and fine restaurants to share. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of solid reasons to go to Vegas right now, and a budget airline is now offering even more itineraries for visiting the entertainment capital of the world.

Which budget airline just added flights to Vegas?

The world of US economy flights is largely dominated by Spirit Airlines, a company that most people don’t like, due to their tendency to charge you extra for everything they can do, including choosing your headquarters. Customers will support Spirit Airlines for cheap flights, but now that JetBlue (JBLU) bought the company, it remains to be seen how long they will continue to offer rock-bottom prices.

After the border (BEFORE) failed in its bid to acquire Spirit in order to capture the budget travel market, it responded by aggressively expanding into international markets, offering discount flights to the Bahamas, Costa Rica and Jamaica, among other destinations.

But Spirit and Frontier have some competition in the low-cost airline department these days, as Salt Lake City-based Breeze Airways has grown rapidly since its official launch earlier this year. The company’s plan was to be a bit more luxurious than Spirit by offering onboard Wi-Fi and more spacious seating, while charging extra for snacks. Its business strategy is also to focus on underserved markets.

Breeze Airways now offers 85 nonstop routes between more than 30 cities and nearly 20 states. The company continues to grow and now offers eight new direct flights to Las Vegas in eight weeks, according to Simple Flying.

Direct flights to Vegas at remarkably low prices

Flights from Vegas will be operated by Breeze’s Airbus A220s, which are the smallest commercial jetliners in the industry. Flights will take place from 11 cities, with fares starting at just $30 one-way, which is cheap enough to undoubtedly trigger impulse purchases.

“We bet our passengers are going to love this new service to Las Vegas,” said Tom Doxey, Breeze President. “With our affordable non-stop flights from so many cities, more people than ever can take a long weekend and visit the entertainment capital of the world!”

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Breeze said it will continue to invest in Las Vegas and introduce additional routes in the future. But for now, here are the cities from which they will offer direct flights to Vegas.

  • New York/Westchester County

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