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Based in Bangalore, India, Postcard Travel is a global community of storytellers, hoteliers and travel designers who want to make travel a force for good.

Founded in 2020 and launched in September 2022, Postcard’s goal is to be the platform of choice for luxury travelers looking to discover hotels and tours that support the local community.

In early September, Phocuswright released its India Total Market Report, which provides a comprehensive view of the Indian travel market, including detailed market size and projections, distribution trends, major segment analysis of travel and key developments. Below, PhocusWire dives deeper into Postcard Travel.



What’s your 30-second pitch to investors?

Postcard is a media and travel representation company for luxury hotels and tourist tours that support the local community and promote responsible tourism. We aim to join them in inspiring a new generation of conscious travelers through storytelling.

The postcard was conceptualized in 2020 by Amit Jaipuria when he struggled to find luxury hotels and tours that supported the local community and were authentic voices for responsible tourism. Through the company’s website, newsletter and upcoming podcast, we bring stories of luxury hotels and conscious tours to a global community of travelers and invite them to book with them.

Describe both the business and technology aspects of your startup.

“83% of travelers believe sustainable travel is essential, nearly three-quarters believe they must act now to save the planet for future generations, and 61% pledge to travel more consciously.”

As society wakes up to travel in a post-COVID world, people are looking for innovative products that lead them towards more mindful travel and personal transformation. Although this is an emerging trend in the travel industry, driven by a more conscious and inclusive travel community, there is still much to be done globally to accelerate the process and make it mainstream.

Postcard brings together a global community of luxury hoteliers and conscious travel designers and invites them to showcase local stories. It then promotes them through its website, newsletter and podcast channels to a global community of travelers.

As a membership-driven platform, luxury hotels and travel designers apply to be listed in the Postcard Directory. If accepted, the company pays an annual fee to be included in the Postcard Hotel or Postcard Tour directory and a commission on sales converted from a Postcard lead. Hotels and tour operators then post local stories about their people, culture, history, food, nature and wildlife on the Postcard site with the aim of enticing travelers to book a stay or tour with them.

For hotels and tour operators who need help with storytelling, Postcard also offers a global directory of established storytellers they can hire for editorial services.

Give us your SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of the company.


  • Postcard is well positioned to be a leader in ushering in a new era in conscious travel. Using our branded media channels such as our website, newsletter and podcast, we have the tools to introduce our partners to a global community of conscious luxury travelers and a chance to inspire them with stories from different parts of the world. world.


  • Although we are a startup with a big vision, we are still new to the market after launching on September 1, 2022. As such, we are in the early stages of promoting our brand in the global market and awareness of our consumers and suppliers. . We partner with like-minded media, industry groups and tourism boards to raise awareness of our company and support our vision of mindful travel.


  • We are a global community of storytellers, hoteliers and travel designers who share a common vision that travel serves as a force for good. We have partners representing more than 15 countries on five continents, and our list of candidates for new partnerships continues to grow. By empowering our partners and helping them succeed, we help make an impact in their respective communities.


  • With countless startups in the travel industry, each claiming to have their own way of serving consumers and partners, we can get lost in the crowd. As such, consumer and partner inaction can prevent us from achieving critical mass and traction. Therefore, we have taken the time to craft our message well to help us differentiate ourselves from others and position ourselves in the conscious luxury travel industry.

What travel pain points are you trying to alleviate from both a customer and industry perspective?

It is difficult for conscious travelers to find authentic boutique hotels and tours that support the local community and promote responsible tourism. Indeed, search platforms are driven by algorithms and attention is drawn to the best in SEO and with large advertising budgets. Social media is also very loud and it is difficult to find businesses. Since boutique hotels and travel designers are SMEs and have relatively limited budgets, they struggle to connect with like-minded travelers. Postcard manages the members it onboards, ensuring that only genuine, high-quality businesses are listed in its databases. This makes it useful for travelers to have Postcard as their preferred platform to identify like-minded partners to plan their trips with.

So you have the product, now how are you going to get a lot of customers?

Postcard’s goal is to be the platform of choice for luxury travelers looking to discover luxury hotels and tours that support the local community and promote responsible tourism. To achieve this, the company uses different marketing channels to spread the word and build its global community of conscious travelers.

  • Advertising The Postcard Tour and Hotel Directory to generate leads and bookings
  • Advertising The Postcard Newsletter and building a global mailing list
  • Advertise The Postcard podcast and get more listeners to subscribe
  • Boost the company’s publications on its social networks
  • Advertising The Postcard Blog to attract more subscribers
  • SEO and performance marketing of individual tours, hotels, blog posts and social media podcasts
  • Partnership with the media, industry groups and tourist offices for awareness
  • Public relations and media exposure for company updates, product launches and key partnership announcements
  • SEO and word of mouth marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Tell us what process you followed to establish a real need for your business and the size of the addressable market.

Becoming a member of industry groups such as the Transformational Travel Council has allowed us to network and listen to the challenges faced by companies whose values ​​and visions we align with. We set out to create a product that would help them succeed. After hundreds of Zoom calls and one-on-one interviews, we were able to identify pain paintings, uncover opportunities, design the product, and establish Postcard’s business model.

How and when will you earn money?

Postcard has several channels to generate revenue. As it grows, the company will activate its various monetization strategies, such as:

  • Hotel and travel designer registration fees
  • Commissions on transactions
  • Sponsored ads on our newsletter and podcast channels

What are the backgrounds and previous achievements of the founding team?

A serial entrepreneur for 22 years, Amit Jaipuria has built several businesses in industries such as consumer technology, retail, agricultural technology, fine arts and travel. He is passionate about creating and empowering communities to bring change to the status quo. He is also the author of several patents on social media platforms and is a Media Herald and Ally Partner at the Transformational Travel Council.

How have you approached diversity and inclusion within your company?

Being community driven, we represent partners who are local hoteliers and travel designers from over 15 countries, and our vision is to have local representation from every country in the world. We invite them to present their products through stories featuring their people and their lands. Showcasing their stories helps us amplify their message and connect them with potential partners and donors who can support them in their initiatives.

What has been the hardest part of building the business so far?

Set up product design and messaging and build a community of vendors and consumers.

Typically, travel startups struggle to make an impact – so why will you be one of the lucky ones?

We are a community-centric company, founded on the fact that travel serves as a force for good. With every booking we make through Postcard, we help our partners have a direct local impact. We also share their vision and have committed 10% of all revenue to conservation and community empowerment with the intention of increasing this percentage as we scale.

In one year, what state do you think your startup will be in?

We will be a global representation company with partners and customers from over 100 countries. We will be cash flow positive and have impacted local communities around the world by connecting our partners with like-minded travelers.

What’s your endgame? (Go public, acquisition, grow and stay private, etc.)

We believe in social enterprise. We plan to remain a private company with a culture of empathy and inclusion and to give back to build a more sustainable world.

India Travel Market Report 2021-2025

This report provides a comprehensive view of the India travel market, including detailed market size and projections, distribution trends, analysis of major travel segments, key developments and more.

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