The city’s report recommends the inclusion of zone B of the CSRD and the increase of the “hotel” tax of the MRDT

The CSRD B area is highlighted in dark green. Photo: Regional District of Columbia Shuswap

As a resort municipality, accommodation providers in Revelstoke collect a municipal and regional district tax (MRDT) which is paid into a fund dedicated to tourism projects. The tax is levied on the purchase of housing in the municipalities or regional districts. City council members voted to read By-Law No. 2343 Amending the Municipal and Regional District Fiscal Levies By-Law during the municipal council of August 9, 2022.

The province returns the revenue collected by the tax to a fund dedicated to tourism and community development. This fund is managed by the Revelstoke Accommodation Association (RAA).

The Revelstoke Accommodation Association is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the City of Revelstoke, which currently has 20 hotels, motels, resorts, lodges, inns and inns. The RAA also works with the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, City of Revelstoke Community Economic Development, various clubs, societies and organizations, and private stakeholders.

The amendment seeks to include Area B of the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) in the settlement, so that the tax applies in the area extending from Mica Dam to Trout Lake.

The CSRD B area is shaded in the light green color bounded by the yellow line. Photo: Regional District of Columbia Shuswap

A report prepared by city staff states that the amendment is desirable as the inclusion of this domain would increase the Online Accommodation Platform (OAP) fund for affordable housing. The area is made up of short-term vacation rentals and heli-skiing accommodations which, according to Ingrid Bron, director of community economic development, are already benefiting from the tourism and marketing efforts being made in Revelstoke.

This amendment comes after the Revelstoke Accommodation Association (RAA) Annual General Meeting in June 2022, where over 50% of members voted to approve increasing the MRDT tax from 2% to 3%. As a result, city staff were tasked with creating a by-law to impose an additional lodging tax within the limits of the city of Revelstoke under the provisions of the Provincial Sales Tax Act.

The application package containing the new regulations was submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture on August 1 and Bron was advised that it would be beneficial to include the proposed expansion of the collection area at the same time. that the tax rate increase from 2% to 3%, according to city staff in the report.

As a result, the application deadline has been extended by the ministry until the end of August, allowing tourism staff to seek approval for additional accommodation in Zone B to meet the ministry’s criteria.

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