Tripadvisor goes beyond banner ads with a data-driven content studio

Diving brief:

  • Tripadvisor has a new in-house creative and content studio which uses first-party data from the travel platform to help marketers build more relevant campaigns, the company said in a statement.
  • Wanderlab operates in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City and is overseen by Tripadvisor Media’s Managing Director, Christine Maguire. The store focuses on “cutting-edge marketing solutions” to help brands attract high-intent traveler audiences on and off Tripadvisor properties.
  • The San Diego Tourism Authority is the first client with a $1.5 million partnership promoting optimism and positivity in the city. Media elements include online content and out-of-home locations, such as interactive murals, which appear in multiple markets in the United States.

Overview of the dive:

Traipadvisor said it has wanted to expand its media business beyond banner and box advertising since before the pandemic, with Wanderlab being the result of that years-long ambition. The deployment comes as the travel category is experiencing a strong rebound in activity and as more and more platforms see their proprietary data stores as a way to offer marketing services to brands.

Wanderlab is positioning itself as a high-end, bespoke solution for high-spending travel buyers, though Tripadvisor is also courting non-endemic advertisers. Tripadvisor’s mobile and web properties are used by hundreds of millions of people each month to find flights, hotels, restaurants and nearby activities for their trips, indicating the types of marketers Wanderlab might want to win over.

Along with the San Diego Tourism Agreement, the studio published his first short creative workwhich depicts travel through a Gen Z lens. Filmmaker Andrew Stephan produced “Lost & Found,” in which interviewees discuss how the pandemic made them realize they were taking travel opportunities for granted.

The in-house store plans to offer a variety of media functions, including the creation of sponsored editorial and branded content to be featured on Tripadvisor, influencer marketing, social media campaigns, interactive video and related experiences by voice. Its launch comes as other travel companies set up advertising divisions and media networks that use data-driven insights as a selling point.

Marriott International in May launched the Marriott Media Networkan advertising platform that relies on information from more than 164 million members of the hospitality giant’s Bonvoy loyalty program. More and more in-house agencies and studios also welcome external clients to generate revenue. Insurance distributor Liberty Mutual’s in-house branch, called Copper Giants, started taking a job outside earlier this yearwith Harpoon Brewery his first contract.

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