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Invest in Visit Loveland because ‘tourism is the cleanest dollar’

Our Council’s recent decision to support Visit Loveland with a financial boost is such a clear victory for our community. Cindy Mackin’s presentation on Tuesday August 2 was truly eye-opening and impressive. Two takeaways:

1) Our tourist office has managed on a tight budget, while the population and tourism potential of our city has grown by leaps and bounds.

2) Loveland needs more hotel rooms.

How many people realize that Visit Loveland – full-time salaries and all – was funded entirely by the city’s lodging tax, which is a small percentage of the funds for each hotel reservation? It’s a good thing Visit Loveland has survived the COVID pandemic, which has obviously taken its toll on the tourism industry. Until the city reconfigures how Visit Loveland should be funded over the long term – and until we have more hotel rooms going into the accommodation tax fund – give a thumbs up. punctual financial thumb in the office is the right decision.

As Cindy Mackin said, “tourism is the cleanest dollar”. We want more people to come to our city, spend money, have fun and encourage others to do the same. The best way to do this is to continue to fund Visit Loveland appropriately.

Stephanie Fancher-English, Loveland

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